Dynavit - das Orginal

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DYNAVIT -The Cardio-Specialist

From bicycle ergometers to the complete product range

"Dynavit" is the first manufacturer of computer-controlled ergometer.

The development was carried out at leading institutions for Cardiovascular Research and Sports Medicine.

Dynavit has not only invented the first computer-controlled ergometer, we also  developed together with sports scientists a complete cardio program: Bicycle, treadmill , stepper, recumbent bike and arm ergometer - are easy to use and technically at the highest level.

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Oxygen for every muscle

Sauerstoff für alle Muskeln

Cardiotraining with Dynavit – dynamic and vital

It goes without saying, that muscular training is only effective
when done correctly and specifically. It is only logical then,
that the same applies to the most important muscle in the
human body: the heart! That is why, at Dynavit, we have not
only developed the first computer-directed ergometer, but
rather, together with sports scientists, have also developed a
complete cardio program: cycle, tread mill, stepper, recumbent
cycle and arm cycle – user friendly and technically superior.
Through strict, high quality standards Dynavit machines are
still taking a leading role today, especially in quality conscious,
health oriented facilities.
Quality that pays off in daily use.

Training, hotels, diagnostic and therapy are our operative ranges.
The condition will get better. The efficiency and power rises up.

  • refreshment of the heart
  • improvement of breathing
  • refreshment of metabolism

Active and effective preventive against biological age.

A very good choice: Health and more joy of life with dynavit products.

  • Cardio

    Classic Line Bike - Dynavit Conditronic 100. The multifunctional talent by Dynavit.


  • medical


    The treadmill DynaRun for cardiology, rehabilitation and lung function tests.


  • Software

    Dynavit easy-net

    Dynavit EASY-NET is a software to connect multiple cardio equipment.