Dynavit - das Orginal

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Ergometer Conditronic C100 med

  • Multifunctional bike of ergometry. Rotational speed dependent and independent with a quiet poly-v-high capacity pulley system and intecrated cordless pulse function.

    Eddy current brake and interfaces to PC and ECG. Easy climb up and descend.

    Variable handlebar to 300°. Herewith you have a optimum position for seat and body.

    measurements: L = 76 x W = 36 x H = 70 cm
    exactness: to 50 Watts +/- 3 Watt, over 50 Watts +/- 5%
    performance: 5 – 999 watts (1 watt steps)
    interfaces: to PC and ECG
    programs: 10 med. additional programs, 4 sports programs (Hollmann, Mellerowicz (WHO) BAL, PWC ...)

  • Ergometer Conditronic C100 med